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Journey Machu Picchu

Journey Machu Picchu is comprised of real travelers and travel specialists with over 7 years of experience in the industry.  We believe in providing our clients with the best, most memorable travel experience possible at budget conscious rates.


All of our travel advisors are well versed in in all aspects that involve Peru Travel, this includes the very popular destinations like Machu Picchu as well as the more obscure tour and travel destinations in Lima, the highlands or even the Amazon region.

One of the requirements we ask off all sales staff members is to provide a complete report on a Popular Peru destination as well as detailed review of lesser known trails and tours that would interest clients. This way we can assure detailed travel itineraries for the most customizable experience ever.


Meet the Owners

Lares Trek Peru
Michael R. Barthelmess

Michael is a successful marketing consultant (former marketing manager for a large travel agency) that has worked with several of the top travel agencies  and operators in Peru. He has worked  as a consultant for  banks, large retailers and multi-national  breweries in Peru just to name a few.  He also became a trainer for Google Peru in their advertising program and has given workshops and classes throughout Peru to various small/medium/large companies, insitutes as well as other advertising agencies.  After over 10 years of experience in building great relationships in the travel industry he decided that the next logical step was to set up an agency with the many professionals he had met throughout the years and so Journey Machupicchu was created.  Michael insisted on having only the best operators, travel advisers  and managers handling our valued travelers making sure their Peru experience is a memorable one.

Robert Barthelmess
Operations Manager

A Peruvian native raised in New York and New Jersey, Robert obtained his B.A. in Business Administration before making his way south.  Growing up in a multicultural family, he had the chance to travel around the country. In hopes of exploring the South American continent, he eventually returned to Peru where he fell in love with the people and their culture.

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